• Double bed with drawers and a railing LAMAS

New double bed for children, teenagers and adults. The set consists of the upper bed frame, the lower bed frame, removable barriers, two slatted frames and two spacious drawers. Mattresses are available for an additional charge. 24 months warranty. Free delivery in Germany.

Mattress I
Mattress II
Bed parameters 2 person, in a set with drawers, maximum load up to 160 kg, maximum load up to 120 kg, maximum load up to 80 kg
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The double bed is a practical solution such as small space in a room for children, teens. and adults.

The set consists of two independent beds that can be adjusted freely. Properly designed, it allows you to put together beds and save space in the room. The set also includes slatted frames up to 160 kg in weight and two wheeled drawers. To ensure safety, a removable barrier has been integrated into the set.

The manufacturer also has mattresses available for additional payment.

Basic information about the bed:

- Double bed in the set with two slatted frames
- two lower drawers on rubber wheels
- a removable railing 120 x 20 cm, which can be mounted on the lower or upper bed
- upper lying surface: 200 x 90 cm
- lower lying area: 190 x 80 cm
- Varied selection of colors
- Material pine solid wood class I

Basic information about the offered mattresses (extra charge):

Medium-hard foam mattress with a cover

Size of the bed

The upper bed
External dimensions:
- Length about 210 cm
- Width about 98 cm
- Height about 80 cm
Sleeping area approx: 200 x 90 cm

  The lower bed
External dimensions:
- Length approx. 200 cm
- Width about 90 cm
- Height about 35 cm
Sleeping area approx: 190 x 80 cm

Material / color

Pine solid wood class I


 - Colourless, certified odorless varnish
- 18 stain colours to choose from

* Delivery without decorations

Construction & assembly:  

Self-assembly furniture. Assembly instruction is enclosed to the suite.

Number of packages: 2
Pack 1: 210 x 100 x 20 cm, weight 30 kg    
Pack 2: 200 x 90 x 12 cm, weight 30 kg  


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