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Educational children's armchair - ideal for playing and learning. Maximum load 100 kg. 2 years warranty. Free delivery in Germany.

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imageROOKEE armchairs are equipped with easy-to-use mechanisms that help to ensure the correct and comfortable position of the child while sitting. In addition, the base is equipped with a special footrest. Each child will find a favorite color for themselves, from among 18 upholstery colors available in our offer. The chair can be easily adapted to the child's height and thus provide him with a correct posture while learning or playing.

Basic information about the chair: 

Seat height and depth adjustment 

Backrest height adjustment

Seat and back upholstered with abrasion resistant fabric material

Armrests made of high quality plastic


Base made of robust white plastic

Base equipped with a plastic footrest


2 years warranty

Weight capacity: 100 kg

Technical parameters image 

Total height: 75-92 cm

depth: 66 cm

width: 66 cm


height: 37-45 cm


height (from the seat): 14-19 cm


depth: 27-34 cm

width: 43 cm

height: 38-50 cm

Total weight of the chair: 10 kg


Up to 18 colors of upholstery to choose from.

Plastic elements are made in white and gray.

Rookee Sessel

Advantages of the ROOKEE ergonomic armchair for children:

- FLEXIBILITY - The ROOKEE chair has the function of simultaneous adjustment of the backrest and seat depth - as the backrest height increases, it retracts, revealing a larger area (depth) of the seat. The chair has up to 7 degrees of this adjustment. The correct level is set by pressing the buttons hidden from below the armrests. It is so simple that even the youngest children using the chair will be able to adjust them without getting up or moving away from the desk. The chair adjusts to the child's height (between 110 and 160 cm, i.e. approximately in the age range of 4-14 years).

- ERGONOMY - The possibility of a proper adaptation to the child's height and build enables him / her to sit properly and protects against the development of posture defects and spinal deformities. A special footrest that allows even preschoolers to rest their feet comfortably (correct posture at the desk). Located only on part of the running base, at a height of 14 cm from the ground, i.e. the height from the footrest to the seat can be set in the range of 24 cm - 36 cm. Larger children can arrange the chair so that the stand is behind their backs and does not interfere with resting their feet on the floor. Large seat height adjustment range: 38 cm - 50 cm from the ground. Thanks to the above-mentioned prophylactic properties, ROOKEE can be called an ergonomic baby chair.

- HYGIENE - The back cushion and the seat cushion can be removed, which makes cleaning the ROOKEE easy and ensures maximum hygiene, also in hard to reach places.

- ECOLOGY - The chair frame is made of extremely strong material - polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable.

We kindly inform you that: 

The price applies to the Honey-colored chair shown in the pictures, the other colors are available at an additional cost;

The delivery is only valid for the product described above, without decorations;

The product is for self-assembly (all mounting hardware is included);

The colors of images displayed on the screen may vary from the color of reality.

Construction & assembly

  • Article to self lodge

  • Number of packages: 1

  • Pack 1: 70 x 60 x 30 cm, total weight 15 kg


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