• Torino

Furniture with light fronts and simple design has always been an excellent choice when something stylish and modern and at the same time not garish has been looked for. A monochromatic colour of furniture, a classical form and simplicity are the most stylish and at the same time the most universal choice. Unicolour furniture which is available in natural wood shades like for example an oak colour in various variants – they match with both firm colours and bright interiors. Furniture which is characterised by such simplicity is the furniture from the collection Torino. Its chic and elegant profile will bring every interior an unique character and lightness.

Among the furniture from the collection Torino you can find both: shelves, bookcases and cupboards and tables with an interesting look with chairs with elegant look and coffee tables. Due to its colours, a simple form and unobtrusive elegance all this furniture will be perfect when bought alone or in a set and it creates a particular collection to furnish a living room, a dining room and a bedroom. In this collection there is both furniture to arrange a house or a flat and also models to easily furnish an office or a walk-in closet. Colouring which was used to create it is a gentle light beige also called Nelson oak which perfectly match with other accessories in both soft and bright colours. It gives really a lot of possibilities of arrangement.

The set Torino is made from a laminated board with enhanced scratch resistance what guarantees a long lifetime of furniture. In this collection like in other our collections was used a technology which allows quite, safe and gentle closing of a door and shutting shelves.