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If you appreciate simple and aesthetics interiors, furniture from Thomas Möbel collections is your natural choice. Our shop specializes in delivering high quality furniture for reasonable prices. They are fitted to houses, flats and also offices and public buildings. We put on features that are important for our customers that is comfort of usage, possibility of any interior arrangement. Important are also aesthetics, practicality and ergonomics. Due to combination of these features the furniture, that are to be found in our offer, gives interiors unique character and successfully serve our customers for many years.

High quality

While choosing furniture it is worth to consider both its look and stability. An unusual elegance of interior can be gained not only through careful selection of fabrics and colours but also through their durability. Our upholstered furniture are made of materials that tolerate both cleaning and intensive use. We try to hit the tastes of our customers and that is why we do not focus on one style of furniture. We create perfect propositions for classical interiors and also modern interiors. Very important is neat finish of particular parts. Many inspiring ideas of interior decoration can be found within promotion

Different sides of relaxation

There are usually different habits in a big family. Also these habits which concern relaxation. Modern furniture doesn’t have the same purpose like it used to have. This is the reason why lounge suites are to find not only in a living room or in a sitting room but they happen to be sometimes a part of a bedroom’s arrangement. Common areas like a living room should be fitted to needs of every household member. One prefers to rest in a sitting position and another in a half lying position. There are household members who loves short naps during the day or they have a habit to bring home some work from their office. So they need a comfortable sofa to sleep or a proper table with a chair or an armchair. All these kinds of relaxation are joined in offers that can be also bought within promotion.

Many conveniences

It is worth to choose classic furniture together with modern and functional accessories. These are among others handy stashes, tables that can be easily fitted into a lounge nook or also adjustable headboards for people who like to rest in a sitting or a lying position. A good solution is furniture where you can adjust the height of a seat, of a backrest and provide rest to feet due to a pull-out leg rest. Thomas Möbel furniture is also an offer that would like all members of a family. One of more interesting propositions, available in promotion, is a large family corner sofa with two extended sides, perfect for a sitting or a half lying position. This furniture can also serve as a sleeping bed. After transforming it into a bed it creates an area with width more than 340 cm.

The wide range of furniture for promotional price makes the offer of Thomas Möbel a proposition for everyone regardless of affluence. Good prices of furniture includes both single pieces and whole furniture sets.