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Thomas Möbel is a shop with all-purpose furniture to houses, flats, offices and any other rooms. We have been trying to support our customers’ tastes for years offering aesthetic and highly functional furnishing. We design in accordance with modern trends, suggesting the best solutions for our customers. Hence the tab “Recommended” where the most functional offers can be found.

Working at home

Does it happen to you to work after hours or bring some work home? Or maybe do you work from home and your only office is just there where you live? If you have chosen a job that you can do in your own four walls, choose comfort. The recommended office chairs will help you to do that. Modern office chairs with many additional functions will be useful to arrange comfortable and practical place to work. They are ergonomic and they adjust to our spine. Simple shapes, which are easy to fit in the area of a living room, a sitting room or an office, will delight more than one office worker. It is worth to replace traditional chair legs with wheels that do not damage panels or carpets. Additional advantage of this furniture is its modern design. The office chairs from Thomas Möbel match excellent to big offices and rooms with limited area.

Universal elegance

Frugal design, interesting details and popular colours are indicators that we follow to design furniture sets. Modern furniture should have a lot of advantages. Due to these advantages they can be freely used in a home space. Natural wood colours and also matchings white with grey will always be trendy. It is easy to create with them new arrangements or match them with existing ones. They are base for classical interiors but also for modern and atmospheric interiors. Very popular is also furniture with matt finish or furniture joined with metal. But aesthetic is not the only reason why it is worth to pay attention to particular furniture. Very important is comfort of usage of furniture. It is worth to invest in models that have got drawers, cabinets, shelves and also cubbies. Due to them we don’t have to worry about a mess even in a small room.

The most liked

Among furniture that are mostly recommended are also that one which can be fitted to most rooms. A bookcase or a chest of drawers match perfectly to a living room, a sitting room or a children’s room. But they can be also put in a bedroom or even in a hall. Big advantage of our furniture is that you can easily change the place of its purpose. Due to it you can completely change the appearance of your home without big investments or hard work.