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Loft beds for children

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Bunk beds for children

Bunk beds are furniture which popularity doesn’t shrink. They are usually bought by parents for siblings who will share a room. This solution doesn’t take a lot of space because a bed for two or even three children occupies the same area as a single bed. Due to it even many kids or a family that lives in a small flat is able to create a comfortable safe place for each member of a household.

Not only to sleep

A little user of a bunk bed usually claims that it is his favourite furniture in a room. This liking to a bunk bed for children doesn’t come only from love to comfortable rest. Furniture which has got a ladder is also a perfect place to play. It has got many parts which allow to climb what children really like – safe railings which surround both beds and posts that join them. That is why it is worth to check the furniture in respect of its toughness. Bunk beds for children from Thomas Möbel collection are solid, classic and wooden furniture. The strength of the bed frame is even 160 kg that is why the bed can carry quite a few of children’s energetic plays. Furniture can be decorated in any way. Because they have got usual sizes they can be decorate with curtains, tunnels and another items which can change a bed into an attractive playground.

Safe while sleeping

Manufacturers usually recommend to buy a bunk bed for children for a child that is couple years old and can climb a ladder easily. It is a matter of safety – a younger child would need help from an adult every time while climbing the higher tier. But when one child is for such challenges old enough and second child is younger, the younger one can be put on a lower bed. Both bed frames are surrounded standardly by rails that makes slipping out of a bed while sleeping or playing impossible. Thomas Möbel bunk beds for children are also safe in terms of quality of production. All furniture has got smooth edge, hasn’t got any protruding part which are dangerous for children. Pinewood is used to its production and pine wood has got opinion to be the healthiest also for people with allergy. The beds are painted with non-toxic paints and varnishes.

Multifunctional furniture

It is the best to invest in furniture that can accompany a child through several years or also serve her or his siblings. The collection of bunk beds for children are designed not only with a view to small users. It is an excellent option for an older child. What is more a bunk bed can be also put into only child’s room. You just need to choose a loft bed where the lower tier has got a different purpose. Mostly there is a desk or an open space for rest. There can be put a coach, hassocks or chests with child’s items.