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Modern dining tables

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Dining tables should be chosen carefully

During important family affairs, the entire family gathers in the dining room. Although daily family meals in many homes are short, they are a very precious time to be together. And where does the family gather if not by the dining table? But how does one choose that important piece of furniture?

The first thing to consider is size - do you need a dining table for 4, 6 or maybe 8 people? Should you use an extendable table or maybe you prefer a table that cannot be folded out? Aptly, we can offer both.

Find round dining tables in our store online

At ThomasMoebel.eu you can find TEXAS RDG - a round dining table with a top made of tempered glass, which is very fine and fits in with a modern type of interiors. Its' powder-coated metal legs guarantee maximum durability and perfect stability. Quite similar is also a round table from PIXEL, distinguished by a very modern look. White round dining table with lacquered MDF top and legs from powder-coated steel is resistant to damage. This monochromatic design proves that simplicity is adaptable in every type of interior.

We proudly present our round dining tables for 6 and 8 people - these are e.i. Palermo, extendable from 140 to 180 cm (4,7-5,1 ft) or Halmar Edward (120-200cm/3,1-6,7 ft). This range of lengths allows you to comfortably accommodate your space and table, whether you're hosting just a few friends or a group of people. The last table is especially worth your consideration - it's a nice, small round dining table for daily needs, perfect for a couple or four, yet, when necessary, it may become a heart of your dining room and accommodate conveniently even 8 people. The beautiful design combines unique functionality - the table can be extended with the help of wood-like, laminated MDF boards, which give the furniture an attractive appearance.

Simple and elegant - modern tables

Besides, we provide very fine modern tables that can find a place in your dining room, providing the possibility to spend some time with people, to work, to play and live your life with those you love. The rectangular and square tables made of a resistant cell plate, designed to fit into many different interior styles. They combine a timeless simplicity that is safe and straightforward. It's really easy to combine them with other furniture and interior design.

Some other options of our modern tables for a dining room are a bit more daring - glass or lacquered MDF, metal, unconventional form, also available as a set with 4 or 6 chairs, matching the design. Exemplary aesthetics is something that perfectly fits not only in your private space but also in places where you might meet your customers or business partners.

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