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Office furniture set

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It's not so easy to pair a desk with a cupboard, find a matching chair and arrange all of them into your space in an office or at home. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our clients, we have decided to also include office furniture sets in our offer. Now you can find perfectly matched sets in black or white - the most popular choices for our customers. 

Why it's worth buying office furniture in sets?

There are two great advantages of our sets:

  • simplicity - modern, simple design is very "safe" - it fits almost any type of interior design. Straight angles, no decorations, solid construction and durable material ensure high quality and comfort of use.
  • adjustment - in the case of our desk + cabinet sets, you can arrange them freely, creating a corner desk with a comfortable cabinet at the side or by choosing one long structure with a parallel cabinet and a desk.

A chest of drawers and cupboards provides plenty of storage space for items useful at work or study. There is also a place to put a printer.

Among our furniture office sets, you can find also a gaming set, including a desk, chair and charger. The Dynamiq series includes a variety of products prepared with players in mind. If you want, you can complete all the items yourself, but when you buy in a set you get a 5% discount. However, we want to remain flexible - so if you want to make any changes to the offered set, please contact us and we will find a satisfactory solution.

Should you like to see all of our office and gaming desks, visit the Desk category. Do you need to match an ergonomic chair to your set? You will find it in the Office chairs category.