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Furnishing the whole house or flat is not an easy thing. Among us, there are certainly people who have a deep artistic sense and a talent to create not only beautiful but also useful and ergonomic space. But the vast majority has a problem with it. So it is worth to leave creating a cosy, attractive and at the same time comfortable space to experts. Here will surely occur a question: “How experts? After all we haven’t got money for an interior designer!” – the good news is that we don’t have to hire such a person. Mabey you are not aware of that but it is the design which has come to you long before this decision. It is worth to be aware that these are interior and furniture designers who create projects based on which particular models are made, while these designers in agreement with interior designers create the whole sets and furniture collections and with them you can completely furnish your room and often the whole house or flat. 

Furniture series

Furniture series are whole sets created in one style. Creating a homogenous serie is however not easy because it is important that the furniture would be characterised by one idea – often it is not homogenous colour. While furnishing your room or a whole flat and choosing furniture from one serie it is impossible to make a mistake and insert into your environment not matching element. Due to homogenous structure of various elements of the equipment we can easily create a nice set in our home.In our shop you can find several furniture series and through tab “Collections” you can easily segregate our offer precisely in view of offered by us series and so find furniture in one style and homogenous design. Going into this category it is not difficult to notice which features characterize each series. There are furniture that are more classical and characterized by some Provence style, idyllic style but at the same time very elegant like Galia furniture which are characterized by modern simplicity and nice colours of Mistral furniture or subdued and classical beautiful Pascal furniture. In our shop each serie differs between each other above all with colour palette but each furniture can be chosen in several versions of one colour. All furniture from the series that we offer is characterized by good quality of production which goes hand in hand with its durability and satisfaction of our customers.  

Furniture for every interior

Among collections which we offer you can find both furniture to a sitting room and a home office, to a bedroom or a hallway – it gives enormous freedom of choice of varied furniture according to your own needs. Regardless of the fact if we want to furnish the whole flat or house in one style or if we want to have an individual style in each room, you just choose furniture you are interested in and buy them with delivery free of charge. Every person who looks for a stylish cupboard and a table with chairs which will match the cupboard and a glass-door cabinet doesn’t have to think how to match a suiting set. It is enough to choose particular category. Moreover on the website you can find photos with visualisations of each mini set from a particular collection. It is for sure great facilitation and exceptional convenience for people who want to change the look of their interior comprehensively.