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Modern chairs and benches are part of equipment of many public places. They have to be comfortable and serve a lot of people willing to use them. It is worth to bet on models that are durable, solid and also aesthetic. In Thomas Möbel collections you can count on joint items from two to more seats. They are made in attractive and popular colours.

For special tasks

The main assets of benches that buyers pay attention to are modern style and high quality of production. The element with metal, especially with steal construction and profiled seats are mostly chosen. They ensure comfort of sitting for people in various sizes. More often producers depart from wooden elements in favour of seats that are made from durable aesthetic plastic. It has got a special non-skid structure because of which making free moves is easier. Benches destined for public places have got different sizes. It is worth to fit their number to individual needs – small hall in a health centre shouldn’t have items to seat on hall’s whole length. Modern benches are all-purpose that is why they match every interior. They can be put in a waiting room, in a bank or a public office, in a hospital, in an office, in a reception area and in a hall. Thomas Möbel offers different benches up to five seats that are joint in a one row.

First of all comfort

If we are to spend some time on involuntary waiting, usually we look for a comfortable place to sit. Every businessman who offers his or her products or services should have a place where it is possible to wait for them or their employee. Modern, mostly plastic benches have made their mark on landscape of public utilities. Most willingly we choose these which seem to be comfortable. Profiled, little bit wide, will be surely a place where you can sit without feeling discomfort. The comfort of such furniture should be also based on easy cleaning of seats. People who handle cleaning appreciate the most this furniture that are easy to dust and clean without any fear that the structure of furniture can be infringed or colour can fade. That is way it is not worth to look for upholstered furniture for places where are usually a lot of people because its aesthetics can leave much to desired in a short time.

Mobile furniture

Thomas Möbel benches are mobile and moveable furniture. It means that their destination can be changed any time. All models are available with solid legs which are stable and do not slip on the ground. They can be put on a carpet and on a stone floor. Strength of two people is enough to carry the bench to another place. The longest design are for 5 people and weighs a little over 37 kg. Benches that are available in our offer have got powder coating. Their colour doesn’t fade despite the time. They are also sunlight resistant. Furniture can be cleaned with conventional cleaning chemicals.