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Living room

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A living room is a place where we spend nearly our whole life from the very beginning till a grand old age. This is the place where we meet with our family and friends during various types of birthday parties or holidays, when we sit together around a table. It is the living room where we spend together beautiful moments: we talk, we play, we watch our favourite series – we relax every evening while watching favourite movie next to our beloved person or we lie comfortably on a couch with our pets. That is why it is so important that this room would be furnished not only presentably but also would be comfortable. It is worth to take care of its good equipment with the best quality furniture.

A to Z equipment

Upholstered furniture is a very important element of equipment in each living room and sitting-room. It should be picked with the highest thoroughness. If we plan to spend many hours sitting in a living room or if we want to really relax after the whole day at work we should search for a good quality couch or corner sofa – and then select to it suitable furnishing of a room – a coffee table or a side table, a tv shelf, a table with chairs, a glass-door cabinet or a book case.

High quality furniture

In our shop you will find the highest class furniture to furnish a living room or a sitting room. There are made by Polish producers and because of that they are characterized by the best quality. Polish carpenter companies which produce our furniture attach huge importance to the furniture they make. The quality leads directly to long lifespan of furniture – some of them serve our customers for several or even a dozen or so years being in an excellent condition. The modern design and variety of colours and patterns that are offered allow to choose among our rich offer such models which perfectly match with existing furnishing of a house or a flat. Because our furniture characterizes unique patterns it finds its fans in the whole Germany and even outside the borders. And because of the rich offer our furniture completes well in both classic and modern houses and flats.

Shelves and bookcases

Furniture to a living room that can be found in our offer are mostly various bookcases in different sizes and single hanging shelves which can be applied in every living room, in a beautiful and stylish sitting room and also in bedrooms, offices and many other rooms. Bookcases and wall shelves are ideal to keep books, souvenirs, dishes, decorations and many other objects in a living room and in any other room.

Capacious wardrobes, chests of drawers and glass-door cabinets

Among the furniture that we offer there are also capacious wardrobes, cabinets, chests of drawers and glass-door cabinets, so all of sorts areas for storing various things. Such kind of furniture holds good in every living room promising big storage area. Shoes, bags or soft goods can be successfully kept in a wardrobe beside clothes. Then a capacious chest of drawers works perfectly out for storing documents. Whereas a pretty glass-door cabinet can ideally exhibit souvenirs, decorations and china.

TV stands

TV stands are also an essential item of decoration in a living room, especially when we plan to watch television or play console games every day. TV stands and TV cabinets enable perfect setting out for such devices like a television, a DVD player, a console and many others and ensure them appropriate space for working. This furniture allows also to exhibit a movie or a game collection.

Tables and side tables

A various sort of all kinds of tables can never be missed in a living room. Coffee tables are essential near a coach or a corner sofa and without them coffee with friends wouldn’t be the same thing. Then dining tables are ideal to create a space where we could comfortably eat meals with family. Extremely important is also the appropriate choice of chairs which not only fit the set in terms of appearance but which are also comfortable. All this kind of furniture is available in our shop – you can buy them separately or in ready sets.