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Mattresses for babies, children and the elderly

Why is an informed choice of mattress important?

For many, a mattress is only an essential piece of equipment for a bedroom - it might seem that it does not have a special function in our everyday life. However, it should be remembered that a large part of our lives is spent in bed (sleep, rest, regeneration). When choosing a mattress, we also decide on the quality of our sleep and rest. A good mattress will help you enjoy health and life to the fullest. It is a long-term investment that will result in your well-being.

Which mattress to choose?

Are you wondering how to properly choose a mattress for a child, an infant mattress or an adult mattress? Choosing the right mattress may be more difficult than we think. From our experience, it is worth asking the following questions:

How hard should the mattress be?

Contrary to appearances, the answer to this question is not easy because the hardness of the mattress is an individual feeling, depending on the weight. A person weighing 50-60 kg will rate a medium-hard mattress as firm, while a person weighing 100 kg will rate the same mattress as soft. Therefore, a heavier person should choose a mattress that is harder than a thinner person. The hardness is selected by default:
H 2 - people weighing up to 80 kg
H 3 - people weighing over 80 kg.

What should be the length and width of the mattress?

For length, a mattress should be chosen at least 20 cm longer than the height of the person sleeping in the bed. The width of the mattress is selected according to individual needs, however, to ensure adequate comfort, it should not be less than 80 cm for one adult.

What mattress for people with back defects?

It is worth considering choosing a latex mattress with many zones of support that guarantee the correct position during sleep.

An allergy mattress?

We recommend mattresses with a special antiallergic coating. Latex mattresses are also very popular, because their content is an obstacle to the development of mites and dust. The possibility of using a mattress cover that can be cleaned or washed in a washing machine is also important.

One large mattress or two small ones?

An important question is also whether one or two people should sleep on the mattress. Please note that one wide mattress will always be softer than two smaller mattresses of the same design. Additionally, if we buy a mattress for two people of different weight, we should choose a model that has two degrees of hardness: soft and hard. You can also consider purchasing two separate mattresses for one wide bed. In this way, it is easy to choose the mattress to the individual needs of the people sleeping on it. An additional advantage here is also the reduction of the impact of the movements of one sleeping person on another.

We encourage you to choose comfortable sleeping mattresses that improve not only sleep, but also the quality of life.

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