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The tab „other furniture” was designed to offer furniture and interior design products which are available in our company’s offer that do not match to other sets or on the contrary – they match to all. Other furniture’s role is to make looking through our website’s offer easier and make it clear and transparent for everybody. We invite you to visit this category regularly because there will appear new releases that are available in our shop and also the most common furniture like e.g. mirrors. They all find an enormous role in every house and flat and they cannot be ignored in any offer of a shop which takes the furnishing of a flat or a house seriously and which wish to offer its customers the best solutions and ideas that make lives easier. It is worth to mention that all furniture which are to find on our website are made with the highest accuracy and attention to details.   


In practise, a mirror fit any room. It is obvious that most often and willingly we hang them in a bathroom where they are the most needed. Bathroom is a place where you washes yourself everyday and also a place which works as a home beauty salon – it is where women do their makeup, comb and style their hair and try on their outfits, and men shave their faces, style their hair or pamper their beards. Without a mirror all these activities would be very difficult or even impossible. Mirrors however turn out to be needful not only in a bathroom and they are useful not only there. It is an undoubted fact that mirrors, often as a big sheets covering the whole wall, are integral part of decoration of a dressing room or a big closet with clothes. Due to mirrors’ presence we can choose the right outfit and judge our look with no difficulty. Also anterooms, corridors and halls are places where mirrors cannot be missed. Due to skilful arrangement of mirrors you can successfully prepare yourself for going out checking how you look.Relatively less people decide to hang a mirror in a living room or in a sitting room. In these rooms a mirror is considered as a decoration which serves to optically extend a room and as a decorative element which adds some space to area where it hangs.In our offer you can find a wide range of mirrors in wood frames. These models are available in several patterns. For a special order they are also made in different colours so they can match the existed design of customer’s home or they can be a homogenous set with other furniture ordered in our shop.