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Bar and coffee tables and sets

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Do you need a coffee table?

Let's assume, that your living room - or dining room - already has a nice dining table with a set of chairs. Why add another kind of table to your space?

Well, coffee tables are quite different from any other table. They might be a very convenient piece of furniture to make yourself and your visitors more comfortable while seating on the couch. Imagine walking through the whole room just to put out a cup of coffee back to the dining table and then sit back on the couch... 

If you have a couch in your living room - and a couch is something inherent for most living rooms - you might need a small coffee table. Not just to have a coffee, of course, but to create a space in which your every need is met. A little coffee table nearby a couch or an armchair is a perfect place to put back a book or have some tea. It also creates the best spot to exhibit your houseplants or a nice piece of art

I need a small coffee table - how to choose one?

Now when you know if you do need a small coffee table, you might wonder how to choose one? One important tip is accommodating your coffee table to your couch's height, so you could use it conveniently while sitting on a sofa. Usually, coffee tables are about 50 cm in height (~20 inches), which allows you to have a seat on a couch and reach the table. 

Low coffee tables available in ThomasMoebel.eu have an elegant, simple look - wooden, oak-colored small tables fit in with almost all kinds of interior design. A versatile simple design is the best choice if you are looking for a timeless mode of expression.

Round and modern bar tables for industrial interiors 

If you prefer a different kind of coffee table, a modern one, we recommend our round bar tables, about 1,1m height (3ft 7in). Our online store provides round coffee tables made of durable plastic - both top and leg are chrome plated for better durability. A top having a diameter of 60 cm (24 in.) is suitable to have a coffee or a drink. The top looks just like matte or shaded glass, yet it also is made of plastic, which is an incomparably safer solution. Modern round coffee tables are the best option if you're looking for furniture for an interior with a modern, industrial design. We also offer coffee table sets with a pair of swivel chairs made of identical material.

In our online store, we provide a lot of models of coffee tables, with different options of style or design to choose from. Whether you're looking for classic, wooden-like small coffee tables, or some modern, round bar tables, we have them all.

Thomas Moebel - small and modern coffee table sets for your home

Our mission is to provide designer furniture at affordable prices. We offer you durable, elegant coffee tables for self-assembly. The deciding choice is yours - a modern round bar table or a conventional wooden coffee table, that might make your living room more comfortable? Our role is to provide you quality, fast delivery and manufacturer's warranty