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Ergonomic office chairs

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Ergonomic office armchairs for you

Office chairs are furniture in which we usually spend many hours during the day. They are an indispensable element of every office equipment, including those arranged at home. For this reason, it is worth considering the purchase of such a seat. It is not only a matter of our comfort at work, but also of health, especially for our spine.

The choice of a chair should not be made randomly, especially if you plan to spend at least a few hours a day in it for the next few months or even years. Below we will try to present our best practices and experiences related to choosing the right armchair.

What is worth paying attention to when buying a desk chair?

The most important thing in our opinion is that it should be an ergonomic chair. What does the phrase "ergonomic chair" mean? Ergonomics means adjusting the shape of the chair to the user's silhouette. Since each of us is different, there is no universal armchair that will suit everyone. When choosing an armchair or chair, we should remember that it should be adjusted to our height, weight and body shape. The right height of the chair is very important. A desk chair should support your entire back, not just parts of it. Otherwise, we begin to slouch. The height of the seat from the floor is also important - the armchair should not be too high or too low. The optimal height of the chair is when our legs touch the ground at an angle of 90 degrees. It should be remembered that a good chair determines not only the comfort of our work, but also the condition of our spine, back and neck. In the case of many hours of work at the computer, ergonomic chairs can make work more pleasant and the effects of sitting at the desk less noticeable for our spine.

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What kind of support should my armchair have?

One of the most important elements in an office chair is the backrest. It should have protrusions corresponding to the anatomical position of the spine. An important element is the ability to adjust the backrest, namely its height and angle of inclination. The height adjustment helps to adjust the chair to a taller person, and the tilt of the backrest allows you to rest and relax. The possibility of locking the backrest allows you to take the optimal position at the desk. In good ergonomic armchairs, the backrest has an additional lumbar adjustment (e.g. Unique ERGOTECH model) or an additional adjustable support (e.g. Unique WAU model). These elements enable even better adjustment of the backrest to the user's back. When choosing an office chair, it is worth paying attention to models with a SYNCHRON self-weighing mechanism. This mechanism automatically adjusts the resistance of the seat back to the user's weight, thus ensuring better seating comfort.

Which seat will be right for me?

The seat is the second, after the backrest, extremely important element of the office chair. It should be spacious, delicately contoured, not compressing at any point. It is worth paying attention to the front part of the seat, which should slightly fall - then the seat will not put pressure on the edge of the thighs. The seat must be adjustable in height in every chair and office chair. In advanced office armchairs, the seats are additionally adjustable in depth and sometimes also in tilt. This is a good solution because such an armchair can be adapted to both a tall person who has the ability to sit deeper or a short person. The adjustable depth of the chair is very useful if parents and children work in a shift at one desk. Each of them is then ensured the correct posture at the desk.

What material should the chair be made of?

The material from which the seat and backrest are made should slightly adapt to the shape of the body. Additionally, the material should be airy and pleasant to the touch. Mesh office armchairs have been particularly popular for a long time. They are especially appreciated during hot summer days because they are airy and help to reduce the nuisance associated with high temperatures. On a hot day, it is enough to put an ordinary fan behind your back and work will be much more pleasant. The backrest made of Mesh is available, for example, in the Unique HERO or Unique Spinelly armchairs. The mesh backrest is also available in the smaller armchairs from the Unique AWARD series. It is also a material that adapts to the shape of the back. Additionally, it is easy to keep clean. The seats of the armchairs can also be made of Mesh - the air circulation is greater then, however, it should be remembered that such a seat is slightly harder.

Another type of material used by manufacturers is the seat filled with profiled foam and covered with a soft fabric. Such a seat is very comfortable and is ideal for many hours of office work. An additional advantage of fabric upholstery is a large selection of available colors - everyone will find something for themselves here. There are also models of chairs that combine two types of material, e.g. a mesh backrest and a soft seat upholstered with fabric, e.g. Unique EXPANDER armchair.

Or maybe a leather armchair? Thomas Möbel Online Shop - ergonomic office chairs leather

Leather armchairs and made of high-quality eco-leather look great in offices or representative rooms intended for meetings with clients, business partners and guests. Before making a decision, it is worth paying attention to the conditions in the work room. Most offices, conference rooms or hotels have air conditioning so there should be no overheating. However, in rooms where the temperature is high, it is worth considering upholstery made of mesh or fabric. As the specificity of the upholstery used does not affect the ergonomics of the chair, but only the well-being of the user, in this case it is most often determined by individual preferences. Supporters of leather armchairs will find in our offer many models that may interest them, e.g. a classic leather armchair: Unique REGENT or a modern armchair with a seat upholstered in white, black or brown leather and a backrest made of Mesh: Unique SPINELLY

Elastomer - what is it?

Elastomer is a material with the properties of rubber and is characterized by great durability. The seats made of elastomer are characterized by a very modern design while maintaining the best features of an ergonomic chair. It should be remembered that the seat and backrest of the armchair made of elastomer is harder than in the case of armchairs upholstered with fabric fabric. The Thomas Möbel store offers ultra-modern Unique WAU armchairs made of elastomer.

When selecting the upholstery of an office chair, it is worth considering the nature of the workplace. Modern open-plan offices are perfectly suited to modern design, unusual shapes or colors. Both textile and mesh upholstery will work. In turn, for customers who care about a more representative nature of the workplace, we recommend leather armchairs.

What additional functions should the armchair have?

The armrests on a good office chair are high enough to support your hands at all times. Therefore, they must also be comfortable and wide, and the seat itself should have the function of adjusting them up-down, forward-backward, tilting to the sides. This will ensure the correct position of the hands during work, which relieves the spine.

An adjustable headrest that can be easily adjusted to the user's height by providing adequate support for the head also improves the comfort of our work. Some armchairs also have the option of attaching additional elements, such as a laptop desktop. Working in such an armchair is incomparably more pleasant and thus often more effective.

The ergonomic armchair also looks attractive due to the base made of polished aluminum or strong plastic, thanks to which it can bear loads up to 130 kg. It is also worth paying attention to the surface on which the chair will be used. As standard, the armchairs are equipped with hard wheels, which facilitate the movement of the armchair with the user, however, they can damage the delicate wooden floor. In this case, you should look for soft wheels, the surface of which is made of rubber that is safe for the parquet.

When should the office chair be replaced?

Doctors recommend that you replace your office chairs every five years. The seat and backrest are then kept in such good condition that when sitting in the chair, you do not sink into it too much. A signal that the armchair is getting worn out may also be that it is becoming more and more difficult to get up from. Back pain is a clear sign that your old chair is no longer doing its job properly.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of ergonomic office chairs in our store and we wish you many successful purchases.

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