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Office chairs

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Office armchairs

Office furniture is furniture in which we usually spend many hours during a day. It is an essential part of equipment in every office, also in this one that we furnish at home. That is why it is worth to think through buying such a chair. It is the matter of our comfort during the work but also health for our back.

Before choosing

A good office chair should be a support for all parts of the body. Mostly we reach for ergonomic models. They are not only comfortable but also characterise by interesting and modern design. Such piece of furniture decorates interior beautifully, it matches to every office room. Ergonomics is a parameter that is a little bit heard to define. To make a good choice it is worth to look at the way how we work. What height of a chair suits us or if we use armrests. While sitting at a desk we should have our knees bent into a 90 degree angle. When we sit on an office chair that is too low or too high we cannot correctly spread weight along backbone. As a longer consequence you can expect back pain. A good choice is a chair with adjustable height of a seat. Important are also armrests. They are usually narrow and their position is permanent. It is worth to look for such models in which it is possible to change adjustments in this part. Armrests have to support arms all the time and not only during resting. A moveable armrest enables matching its position to currently preforming activities. In Thomas Möbel collections there are a lot of options of office chairs that can be chosen with a view to individual preferences.

Backrest and seat

The best and the most comfortable office chairs have got moulded backrest which looks a little bit like the human spine. It gives support for the lumbar spine. A comfortable office chair should give support in every moment. The model with bent backrest additionally supports back spine during short breaks when there is no possibility to use these breaks in a more active way. The comfort of work improves also the right ventilation. This ventilation is ensured especially in office chairs that are upholstered with natural leather or with natural fabrics. Even small holes increase the comfort of work. A seat of an office chair should be soft enough and relatively deep. When the seat is too shallow it causes faster tiredness and discomfort for a user. The element that is worth to pay attention to are wheels. It is important what kind of material they are made of. Each material is characterised by different rubbing of a floor. Rubber wheels usually stand steadily, they do not skid, they are soft, they do not scratch panels, they perform well also on ceramic tiles. They can be also easily moved on carpets.

Office chairs means not only comfort but they are also well-made and aesthetic-made. The most popular is furniture in subdued classical colours, mostly dark ones. More and more interest get also office chairs in one living tones. They can be also found among Thomas Möbel collection offer.

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