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Office furniture

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How to make the office work comfortable, safe and cheap?

Office work in a big corporation or work at home doing orders and work on a computer, hard learning or hobby like sewing on a machine or drawing - all of them involve long sitting hours. It has been known not from today that sitting in such a position for a longer time, especially in an uncomfortable and ill-suited frame to the body, can cause not only discomfort and back pain but also contribute even to serious harm. Ill-chosen height of a chair to its user, unsuitable matching it to a table, lack of support for back or elbows and sitting for a couple of hours in one position can rapidly affect our health.

Headaches and eye aches, burning pain of wrists and fingers, “crunching” back and even chest pain, tailbone pain, and knee pain – it all can be caused by office work. However, we don’t encourage you to change your sitting hobby, to quit learning at a desk or giving up a well-paid job. However, it is worth ensuring that all these activities are carried out in a harmless manner. Harmless meaning as fitted to the standards and… comfortable.  

Let’s start with a desk and a chair

The most important is to start with choosing the right table or desk. When choosing an office or gaming desk, we can only base on our taste and possible needs regarding the capacity of drawers, cabinets or the width of the table top, so that everything we need for our work, documents and devices can be placed on it. It is known that depending on the work or hobby, we need a table or desk that will suit our preferences.

After selecting a specific desk, table or tabletop, it's time for an indispensable element of office equipment, which is an office chair. If we want to avoid health problems with our back, knees or wrists we should choose a high-quality ergonomic office chair. But here it is worth keeping moderation and not blindly trusting prices. Even the most expensive office chair will not always have the features that are most important to us, apart from a fantastic look. It is worth remembering that in addition to ensuring the possibility of comfortable work, i.e. adjusting the size of the seat, appropriate softness and texture of the fabric, an office chair for long hours at a desk should also fulfill ergonomic functions.

A very important thing is the right adjustment of an office chair in any direction:

  • an up and down adjustment of height
  • an up and down adjustment of the backrest
  • an angle of the backrest
  • adjustment of an armrest
  • adjustment of a headrest

Only after finding such an office chair and after adjusting it for our own needs we will be able to feel the real comfort of work. Office chairs which can be found in our offer, category office furniture, are characterized by high diversity. We have a lot of models in various colors and patterns and also price ranges. We have both classic black rolling office chairs, modern office chairs with metallic chrome insets, chairs on a leg without rollers, more popular leather office chairs and more modern fabric models in vivid colors, office chairs with and without headrests, with both soft and hard backrest.

Other equipment 

In the category office furniture can also be found comfortable benches which are perfect for a waiting room in an office or in a public office. We are proud of the variety of designs and colors that we present in our offer, reaching customers with different tastes. Benches are sold divided into double, three-person, four-person and five-person models. These are plastic chairs set one by one on a metallic frame. Each model of branch is available in seven different colors.