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GROSPOL upholstery

List of available upholstery for Grospol armchairs

If you like the model of the chair but the colors of the upholstery available in the store do not meet your expectations, here you can choose an individual color of the upholstery for your chair. If you are interested, please contact the shop staff. How to do it? On the product page, use the link "Have a question? Ask us" and just give us the name and number of the fabric color you are interested in. We will be happy to provide you with an accurate quote and the possible date of your individual order.

Upholstery list

- Cura

- Fame Grospol

- Flex

- Kosma

- Medley Grospol

- Note

- Osaka

- Synergy Grospol

- Teide

- Valencia Grospol


Upholstery CURA

Tapicerki CURA


Description of the fabric

A beautiful fabric with a delicate two-color weave. Always with the addition of gray thread. Made of 98% recycled polyester and 2% traditional polyester. Very resistant to abrasion up to 100 thousand. Martindalea cycles. It has numerous approvals.

















Upholstery FAME Grospol

Tapicerki FAME Grospol


Description of the fabric

A fabric composed of wool and polyamide. The abrasion resistance is up to 200 thousand. cycles. Dense fabric with vivid colors. Resistant to pilling, it fits perfectly on chairs. Flammability certificate for a cigarette and a match.

















Upholstery FLEX

 Tapicerki FLEX

Description of the fabric

Polyester fabric nice to touch and use with high breathability, weight 480 g / m2. The abrasion resistance is up to 80 thousand. Martindalea cycles. Almost the highest resistance to pilling (4-5 / 5). It has a flame-retardant certificate for a cigarette and a match.

















 Upholstery KOSMA

Tapicerka KOSMA


Description of the fabric

A fabric of a Polish manufacturer with a uniform color, dense weave. It is distinguished by high abrasion resistance of up to 140 thousand. cycles. Pilling resistant (4, UNI EN ISO 12945-2, 1-5, max. 5). It has a flame-retardant certificate for a cigarette and a match.






















Upholstery MEDLEY Grospol

Tapicerka MEDLEY Grospol


Description of the fabric

Great uniform, tight fabric. Practical to use with a resistance of 75,000 Martindalea cycles. Composed of 100% polyester. It has restrictive fire resistance approvals (EN1021, BS5852, Cal117 E, UNI 9175). High resistance to peeling and light rays.
























Upholstery NOTE

Tapicerka NOTE


Description of the fabric

Fabric made of 100% polyester. A clear, consistent dense weave, intense colors. High abrasion resistance, which is up to 160 thousand. Martindalea cycles. Pilling resistance 5 points on a five-point scale.
























Upholstery OSAKA

Tapicerka OSAKA


Description of the fabric

Nice and soft to the touch fabric slightly resembling velor, made of 100% polyamide. Resistant to abrasion is up to 100 thousand. cycles. Maximum 5/5 pilling resistance. Flame-retardant cigarette certificate. The ZERO SPOT technology makes the fabric more resistant.
























Upholstery SYNERGY Grospol

Tapicerka SYNERGY Grospol


Description of the fabric

Upholstery fabric made of 95% wool and 5% polyamide with a weight of 400g / m2. Densely woven in pastel colors, it will fit perfectly into most arrangements. It has high abrasion resistance (Martindalea cycles: 100,000) and meets many standards.
























Upholstery TEIDE

Tapicerka TEIDE


Description of the fabric

The natural fabric made of 100% wool is pleasant to the touch and fits very nicely on the furniture. On the surface, the fabric does not have a clear texture, resistant to abrasion (80 Martindale cycles) The material has been tested in terms of many factors, such as color fastness to light, color fastness to rubbing. It is very resistant to peeling. The TEIDE fabric has flame-retardant safety approvals for a cigarette and a match.












Upholstery VALENCIA Grospol

Tapicerka VALENCIA


Description of the fabric

Washable fabric (eco-leather) with a recognized reputation and high quality parameters. High abrasion resistance - 300 thousand. Martindalea cycles, as well as to light (7/8 in the UNI EN ISO 105-Bo2 scale) and rubbing (4/5 in the UNI EN ISO-X12 class).