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Car beds

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The best bed for a child
The first bed for children is a difficult purchase for every parent. What to look for? What to consider when choosing? Most often, we are tempted by a relatively low price and appropriate size, thanks to which the bed will stay with the toddler for years. However, we rarely look at the aesthetics of the workmanship and the elements that guarantee that the child will want to sleep in his own bed. If we want to quickly accustom a little boy to sleep alone, it is worth choosing a bed suited to his age.

The wide range of children's beds means that parents have a lot to choose from - car beds with mattresses will work great in this case.

A bed to sleep and play
Children learn best while having fun, so buying a car bed for his room is the best solution to get your child used to independence. Great design of the car bed with a mattress will make your child not only happy to sleep through the night, but in the morning he will feel like having fun. He will no longer want to sleep with his parents knowing that a great bed is waiting in his room.

Car beds are not only a place to sleep, but also serve as a small home playground, where your child will certainly spend time playing. The beds are made of solid MDF boards in various colors, thanks to which no one will be hurt and the furniture will not suffer even during a long ride.

Interestingly, many bed models have a built-in bedding crate that opens exactly in the same way as the hood of a real car. You can choose a set of rotating rims and optionally LED remote-controlled lighting. Therefore, it is impossible not to imagine the joy of our child.

More than just a car bed
Our store also offers a wide selection of bunk beds for adults and mezzanine beds. Classic low beds for children are also an interesting solution. However, regardless of which bed you choose, it is important that every toddler sleeps peacefully and begins each day with a smile.